Environment Responsibility

As mandatory duties articulated under the Laws No. 32 Year 2009 (Environment Laws), Environmental responsibility program covers the environment management, protection and conservation of environment as reference for managing environtmental issues.

The Company has taken measures on the environment conservation, reducing economic impact, rehabilitation and re-greening ex-mine area as to the environment monitoring program, which cover monitoring all environtment parameters related to the company activities, such as quality of water, air, biota and waste material and others. Submission of environtment monitoring report has been made regularly every semester.

As part of our commitment and guarantee of fund availability for environtmental management and recovery, the Company has reserved certain fund from each sales tonage which kept in a joint account between the Company and the regent governmentof Bintan. On the year 2011, the Company has withdrawn this reserved fund to reimburse any expenses disbursed by the Company for re-greening environtment and conservation program.