Company Brief History
16 September

PT Mitra Investindo Tbk was established by The (Phoa) Tje Min, known as PT Minsuco International Finance.


Started its operation as multifinance company.


Initial public offering and company listing in the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange. The total shares listed was 120,000,000 shares, with the offering price of Rp 600 per share.
Changed of Company name to PT Maharani Intifinance Tbk, with the trade code of MITI.


Change of the Company name to PT Mandiri Intifinance Tbk


Business redefinition to financial advisory and investments, and change Company name to PT Siwani Trimitra Tbk.


Issuance of new shares through private placement to L&M Group Investment Limited (LMGI) of 760,000,000 shares with nominal value of Rp 250 per share, which resulted LMGI held 75% shares of the Company.

Delisting from the Surabaya Stock Exchange.


Capital restructuring by way of debt to equity conversion through a private placement to Money Around International Limited of 240,000,000 with total capitalization of Rp 60 billion.


Merger with PT Caraka Berkat Sarana, along with the change of Company to PT Mitra Investindo Tbk and change of core to the granite quarry mining industry.


Capital restructuring through revaluation of assets, liabilities and equity (Quasi Reorganization). After Quasi Reorganization, equity structure of the Company per 31 December 2012 of Rp 94.81 billion from accumulated loss of Rp 275.01 billion per December 31, 2011.


Reverse stock split on the basis of 4 (four) old shares for 1(one) new share, from 2,566,456,000 shares to 641,614,000 shares. Change of nominal value of each class of shares, class A shares became Rp 200 per share and class B shares to Rp 20 per share


Right Issue I for the issuance of new shares of 641,614,000 class B shares in relation to the acquisition of 90% shares of Goldwater LS Pte Ltd, that remarked the entrance of Interra Resources Limited as the majority shareholder and change the core business to oil and gas industry.


Disposal of granite mining business segment to the third party that fully transferred on January 2018.


Purchase of 23,44% shares PT Benakat Oil (currently known as PT indelberg Oil Indonesia) and private placement of 128,322,800 class B shares to Mahakarya Investment Ltd as the Standby Buyer.